Seaplanes: Naval Bombers w/o Carriers!

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    • Seaplanes: Naval Bombers w/o Carriers!

      Torpedo (anti sub) recon or plain old big bomber (think pby catalina)? 3
        Bomber (1) 33%
        Anti sub (0) 0%
        Recon (1) 33%
        Anti ship (1) 33%
      I hear that seaplanes were a relatively important part of the war, especially in the Pacific were it wasn't always easy to build an airbase on a minuscule island. So I propose a game changing new addition to the game: seaplanes. These would especially be good in the Pacific map. They would have the mechanics of landing in the sea at any point, but only being able to move through air on spot to spot. They could go for quite a while without refueling, but they'd need to refuel occasionally, making mid-ocean territories much more important (they could refuel on carriers). They'd essentially have the characteristic of naval bombers, but with a larger range fitting their reconnaissance role and either anti-sub or anti-ship specialty, depending on what would be best for game balance. They'd definitely be able to go on land airbases, but why you'd want to, I have no idea.
      Now they may seem massively OP, but I have a few nerfing ideas. Besides having to refuel, they'd also be slow, and not so easy to build. They'd be significantly more expensive than naval bombers, and need both a level two (or higher) airbase AND level two navy base. They'd also not be re searchable until after naval bomber level two.
      The main question would be what role they would fill: anti ship, anti sub, bomber or recon? which would determine their attributes.