Being Able to Copy and Paste

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    • Being Able to Copy and Paste

      My alliance had a challenge go wrong, with some illegal gold use involved, and it happened to be with an alliance of a different language. Now, this language barrier may only be an isolated issue, but it's only one reason why the text in Call of War should have the potential to be copied and pasted. Google Translate could be used to traverse language gaps more easily, and diplomacy messages can be posted through the newspaper.

      I realize that spam is an issue with this, but perhaps an article limit in the newspaper, along with the character limit?
    • Firstly: there is nothing illegal about gold use. Gold is the reason that this game is able to exist. If you wish to play in a game where gold is prohibited I suggest you try the community events such as the Alliance world cup, the Dirty Dozen, or the Players League.

      Secondly: It sounds to me like the only reason you want to copy and paste is to either have a war of words or to prove to the community that this other team lied. I will remind you that both insulting other players and blacklisting them is a violation of the Terms of Service, among other things. Please settle your differences on the battlefield.

      Finally: As far as copy and paste the keyboard shortcuts work quite well. As the right mouse button has other functions in the game, namely selecting units or provinces with a shadow loop, you can't expect the right mouse button to give you a pop up menu.
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