Planes area of flight must be 360 degrees

    • Planes area of flight must be 360 degrees

      Right now, if send the planes in directin North, they ca cover after getting up iin the air, o sector around 45 degrees... this is not normal or realistic.. if you need to go more to the left or right, or to change the direction to south, so at 180degrees, the plane must go again on the airfield?!?!?!

      I propose that this limitation to be cutt offf so it be realistic...and we can put , again to be realisitic a time for a flight, forexemple after 4 hours of cotinuing patroing, the plane will retreat automatic to the airfield. And the ones that have payed for the High Comand option, can sett the plane to return to the patroling area where they were, after they resuly gas from airfield... i think this is more realistic, then to limit the area o maneovre at 45 degrees!

      What you think?
    • Airplanes actually cover quite a big area in the pizza slice area they can fly in after initial take of. If they can move in thei're entire circle range they would become even more OP.

      The way it is now is actully quite realistic. Airplanes are usually sent out to patrol a certain sector. If anything I think the pizza slice area should be smaller for the bombers. They were just sent out to do a mission and they were heavy. So it would make sense that they cover a smaller area on 1 tank of fuel.
    • iDragons wrote:

      There's no such thing as fuel in this game. Planes are powered with unicorn magic and dragon fire.

      I wish this were the case, and that also 9 headed hydra beasts were inclusive, 450 metres tall with 580 metre wing spans. Unfortunately these weapons types are too dangerous for humans to administrate mutate or otherwise.