The Scorched Earth Tactic

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    • The Scorched Earth Tactic

      Just curious if this has been discussed before.

      Much like the Russians did (and many before them) it would be nice if you know an attacking army was about to take a city, but you are regrouping and need a little time, if you could say take out completely one structure in your city before you lose it.

      With the exception of nuclear plants, it's plausible that you could "blow up" or "destroy" a section of your city as you evacuated it.

      It leans maybe to much on defense, but it would be nice if you knew that you were leaving a city and took out your factories you weren't leaving someone with a quick advantage to use you own resources to attack you.

      It's not as though in real time you could access the use of some sort of airfield, infrastructure, or factory just bey merely landing in a city.

      Of course, I am sure someone could poke holes in this idea, but I am just spitballing. It just seems like the tactic shuold at least be available with tweeks.
    • I think a valid question would be why buildings of a city are broken anyway when going into it. I can understand if you shell it beforehand or are attacking the units in it with your own these will damage it, but sometimes I'm really routing someone and the provinces are empty, yet I move in and the buildings are damaged. This is especially annoying with stupid enemies who never upgraded their ICs, and I have to waste rare materials to fix them (especially if its a port and i was starting as an inland country who has little navy).

      Wouldn't it make sense to have buildings in a province where no shelling or fighting take place not be damaged? I'm just moving through, and it would help a lot.