Functions to Help Split Mass Troop Production from Resource Production

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    • Functions to Help Split Mass Troop Production from Resource Production

      In a time where its mid-game or late-game and you want to mass produce troops but do not want to build units away from the front lines, it would be helpful to add a column to display the nation that use to rule the provinces you may produce from. I for one try to build infrastructures with complexes on all if not most provinces providing resources. That being said it adds more buildings on the list and adds more to sort through when trying to make 20-40 units. The front line could be at the Canada-American border but my core provinces is say china. If we have a column we can use it sort out the provinces that are to far away to be a effective location to produce from in terms of time it takes to get that unit in the front lines.

      Another solution if not that one is to have a sort of disable click function on either infrastructures and or complexes since they not only help provide more resources but also play a part in troop production.
    • I take it you are a mobile only player?

      Desktop mode has the ability to select by continents to narrow down the area.

      Also with a high command subscription you can filter provinces by the buildings present.

      Additionally if you hold Ctrl and the right mouse button you can draw a shadow loop on the map which will select all the provinces within the loop. Usually works best to draw more of a triangle than a circle. This same motion without the ctrl key held will select units in the loop.
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