Hide units from airplanes

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    • Wow yeah, THIS would be a nerf!

      But yeah, I agree that air power destroying units completely isn't very realistic. Though you can't really "hide" a unit like this, killing it isn't really feasible either. Air power can suppress ground units, hamper them and make them ineffective, but destroying them... no. Ask any Allied soldier fighting in Europe in the last year of the war, when air supremacy was overwhelming... still the ground troops had to beat the enemy out of their foxholes.
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    • Yes exactly. On top of that recon through the air was by no means easy. Sure it is easy to see huge armies with a lot of equipment and all. But a single commando Batalion (or any for that matter) will not be spotted from an airplane.

      Also, especially in forests tanks are hard to spot. Perhaps limits on being spotted should be a thing especially in forest/hills and city areas.
    • VIRVCOBRV wrote:

      One in-game unit symbolizes a thousand soldiers. If anyone knows of a way to conceal 1000 soldiers from aerial recon they should be put in command of the next war immediately.
      The assumption on my part is that hiding 1000 soldiers in a city or a forrest is actually not that hard. Might be difficult in an open field but even then I think that estimating exact numbers is not always easy and/or spot on.
    • Actually in game 1 commando unit costs half the resources for daily upkeep then 1 infantry unit does. So we can assume its half the size.

      Also as far as I know commandoes were specially trained in concelement and could move long distances without being spotted even in inhospitable terrain. After all the British SAS were specifically created to counter/sabotage Rommel's Africa corps.

      I am all for Commandoes not being spotted by air units and after all the game mechanics to implement this already exist for subs that can only be spotted by NavBombers.

      However I am not sold on the idea of small units under 3 in number not being spotted by air nor with Commandoes being completely invisible to all units that would be OP
    • This would be more realistic, but any troops underneath the patrol zone should still take damage. Planes commonly conduct bombing runs on forested areas or places where troops could hide- just look at Operation Rolling Thunder.
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