Buff Australia Region in Historical

    • Buff Australia Region in Historical

      Counterpoint to Australia 8

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      One thing that surprised me about Australia in the Historical World Map was the lack of players near it. They probably have one of the easiest times in the beginning, just invading New Zealand, the poorly defended East Indies, then moving on to Asia when sufficiently powerful with Japan or China's help, taking weak Siam and British and French colonies easily, or hopping over to the easy AIs in central and south america. I believe it needs some sort of counterpoint early in the game, like the way the slightly isolated Argentina and Brazil are near each other.
      A good idea may be Siam or New Zealand, but most likely Siam. They're okay to start and were historically significant, being like Manchuko. If they were buffed a bit to have another city or two and more land, they'd be pretty good. New Zealand has a reasonable army, number of resources and ICs to start, but as many of you may have seen in Historical, it's normally overwhelmed by the Australian player if he has half a brain due to his almost twice as many troops and superior navy.
      Another option could be making the Netherlands or at least their Indies a country, maybe like how Canada, India and South Africa are independent of Britain.