Favorite Games and why

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    • Favorite Games and why

      Whats your Favorite genre of game? 7
        Action (2) 29%
        Action Adventure (1) 14%
        Adventure (0) 0%
        Role-Playing (1) 14%
        Simulation (0) 0%
        Strategy (7) 100%
        Sports (0) 0%
        MMO (0) 0%
        Idle (0) 0%
        other (1) 14%
        I could care less for video games in general (0) 0%
      Basically i'm just curious about every ones favorite game or games, the genre, and why. :thumbup: My personal favorite is Team Fortress 2 (With Call of War as my second)
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    • The Bytro family of games includes

      Supremacy 1914

      New World Empires

      Conflict of Nations

      And of course:

      Call of War.

      Technically discussing other games can be seen as advertising, so formulate your posts with care please :)
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    • Hi,
      I personally love the bytro family for the long term strategy.
      But when i want some action, I usually play Team Fortresss 2.
      love that game.
      Modern Combat 5 isn't bad either, and World of Warships is quite a blast.

      ---didn't even see your post about TF2, glad to meet a fellow player :)
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