Cerebus is looking for new pack members

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    • Cerebus is looking for new pack members

      Cerebus is looking for a few good members. We are a very tight knit group that enjoys playing maps together. We are looking for a couple new members to our group. The requirements are below. You can live anywhere in the world but English is mandatory in for us. In game mail myself to apply.

      English speaking alliance.

      Our rules:
      * You must have discord to communicate. No discord? Either get it or don't apply.
      * Must be active in the game. We get vacations happen but without letting leadership know you will be booted.
      * Must be able to communicate without the use of google translate.
      * You must be open to new ways of playing and be coachable.
      * Your player kill ratio must be over 1.0 and province capture rate over 2X.
      * Alliance members come first. We don't attack our own on a map.
      * In order to join you must first send a mail J.B. Culpepper. This mail must have why you want to join and what you bring to the table. Just sending a note saying I want to join is not enough. We are active and want prospective members to be active.

      If you don't meet all these requirements (Except for discord that is a deal breaker) then please explain in your email. We are willing to overlook one or two for the right candidate.
    • I am interested. I joined alliance to see how alliance wars look like, that is only thing in this game I have not tried. But my alliance is new, and it seems like we will never enter some fight. So I am thinking about leaving it and joining anyone else. I meet all those requirements, so if you are interested to accept me please contact me.
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    • Why is it named Cerebus? It is a comic name that i subscribed 10 years ago.
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