How to enter a fort that is defending from an attack

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    • How to enter a fort that is defending from an attack

      Is there a technique to entering a fort to reinforce troops you have there defending from an attack? Sometimes they are able to merge together but most of the time it seems like they engage the enemy before they merge together to just defend.

      Ive tried several things like using move command instead of click and drag, force marching into fort, splitting into smaller entering groups, just after an attack, and different angles.

      So what's the trick to getting the reinforcing troops to merge and defend with an already defend army? :?:
    • Luck

      Sometimes they will merge and sometimes they won’t.

      If you have a defending group and a separate group entering that attacks the enemy instead of merging you can sometimes select both of your armies and give a “stop” command to get them to merge. Of course the armies might be too far apart to do merge in some cases.
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    • When you send reinforces to a province where there is a battle going on, weather there is a bunker or not you have to march your troops in there. On a regular march they should merge before attacking, of course there is a X-factor build in the game so you and never be sure. If you want to reinforce by marching in attack mode the troops won't merge but in a regular march they should merge most of the times but it's not an exact science.
    • Fort has a entering pasword and your did not match.
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