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    • Stormbringer50 Senior Moderator

      You know, I never introduced myself.

      Call me Storm, or Stormy

      Ive been a member of the EN staff for almost 2 years now, and most of that time I have been your senior moderator.

      That means that I train and guide the moderators in chat and forum. It is also part of my role to interpret and enforce the terms of service we all agreed to when we made our accounts. I originally took a staff position because I wanted to see "the rules" enforced in a more consistent and fair manner. I sincerely hope that the community feels that we have been successful in this endeavor.

      All game staff are here to assist the community first and foremost. All game staff are here volunteering their time to help other users in the game.

      I prefer if you have an issue regarding the rules of forum or chat, or if you have a disagreement with an interpretation, that you contact me through a forum convo, or through my pm mailbox. If you receive mail from me, it is best to reply to the message I sent.

      About me? pssh. Im just an old guy that has played video games since they became available. I was in the chess club, and played dungeons and dragons for years.

      Finally, I genuinely enjoy helping people, Ive played Call of War for about 40 months now, so Im always a good one to ask "Why did this happen"?

      I have retired as EN SMOD as of 5/14/19, to take the role of the Japanese server's MA.

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