War affecting morale

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    • War affecting morale


      I am in a game currently were my enemy is employing a cheap tactic which I have not seen before, of getting everyone to declare war on me so my province morale drops. He has managed to somehow convince 7 players (4 of which I have never encountered) to declare war on me and my 600 provinces have an average morale of 40~%. I've tried positioning my capitol for optimum coverage and spamming fortifications but to no avail. Everything is crumbling and there seems to be nothing I can do.

      Any suggestions?
    • It's the 100 player x4 speed round. I control all of North and South America, meanwhile my key opponent has Africa in his hands. Europe and Asia are divided between various minor coalitions with Australia doing his own thing. I took most of provinces early into the round with stacks of light tanks and tac's, so I've been fairly reliant on oil having heaps of oil.

      I'm at a sort of stalemate with Africa as neither of us are willing yet to commit a large force over the atlantic. So yesterday 5 countries declared war on me (previously at war with 3) and my average morale has been plummeting at a drastic rate. Oil and food production are in the negatives and well yeah, things aren't looking good. The 5 countries that declared war are mostly minor, with 3 of them situation in Africa with only 2-3 provinces each. At first I hadn't understood why he left them alive but now maybe there is method to the madness.
    • The war effect is capped at 5 wars for a max influence of -25

      If you are out of oil and food as well that is where your problem lies.

      By this point you should have built industrial complexes and infrastructure in your top food and oil provinces. Unfortunately getting out of the food shortage death spiral is tough.

      You needed to maximize your rares production in the first week, so that in the second week you had rares to start industrial complexes in captured food and oil provinces. Divert all resources to improving food and oil provinces starting with the highest producing ones.

      The war morale penalty is secondary to the starvation crisis.

      There are many good guides, such as the one on morale and one on maximizing resource production pinned in the questions and answers section.

      Good luck.
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    • try to buy in market missing resources and to keep them over 0 ,Morale will rise, also moving your capitol is bad idea, I do not recommend it at all, only if it is near to war zone and you do not want other players to cap it. I recommend to you to make capitol on you core province, on the province that makes the most oil or food. That can help. Because I assume that your core provinces loose morale too, and this is much worse than to non core provinces.
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