New Unit: Minefields

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    • New Unit: Minefields

      Hello, I am posting this new idea because I like it a lot and has been used in ww2.

      Minefields (To unlock)

      Lvl 3 infantry (This is because you can't spam mines early on and you need experienced infantry to place them down correctly)

      Minefields (To place down in a certain province)

      Lvl 3 forts (So you can't spam early round and it is like an almost natural limit since not many people spam forts)

      Damage from Minefields

      Tanks: Attack: 2 Defend: 0

      Infantry: Attack: 2.5 Defend: 0

      *Attack goes up .5 for every new level research*

      Detection of Minefields

      Lvl 3 infantry

      (You can also tell by the level of fort)

      To Upgrade Minefields

      This unit can go from level 1-3

      To get get higher lvl you need the corresponding fort level. At this point level of infantry doesn't matter to get higher level.

      Lvl 1 Minefield- Lvl 3 infantry and Lvl 3 forts

      Lvl 2 Minefield- Lvl 4 forts

      Lvl 3 Minefields- Lvl 5 forts

      Area of influence and diameter of Minefield

      5km in diameter

      Everything in that circle will be hit.

      Strength/Weaknesses in different terrain

      Field 100%

      Trees 100%

      Hills 75% (low damage in hills/mountains since they are already a natural barrier for many units)

      Mountains 50% (low damage in hills/mountains since they are already a natural barrier for many units)

      I am pretty sure I got everything that takes to be a unit in a game. ALSO, you cannot put more than 1 minefield in a province (Gold spammers eyerolls). Thank you for responding for this unit. I'd love to see it in a game.
    • Minefields do have some merit...If you are winning, you have vast territories to protect - if you are losing how to slow the enemy down while you re-group.
      Without getting into 'historical accurate stuff' but rather on what COW really is to me an on-line war game, I'm not sure how you could implement it without drastically changing the game.
      I would think if COW was interested in something like this, they would act like a transport for defense/attack at maybe .3. No more than 1 per territory. That would slow down the random AC/LT charging through the countryside - yet maybe not lose the balance of the game.
    • I like the idea but personally I think mines should do a little more damage, maybe +2 for each level of mines? Currently the damage is a little low...
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