your 10 most useful units

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    • your 10 most useful units


      this is the second part of the list that will cover #6-10. but first, a quick recap of #1-5:
      1. Infantry for their versatile and having no weakness on any terrain
      2. Light Tanks for their speed, strength, and cost and importance in the late game.
      3. Artillery for their ability to attack troops and take no damage in return.
      4. Anti-Air for their ability to protect both stacks and cities from air raids.
      5. Submarines for not being seen by any unit except naval bombers and protecting areas from convoys.

      For the complete list of #1-5, click here. Now, on to the second part:

      6. Tactical Bombers: over all one of my favorite units. these are great for knocking out any ground unit. they are also great in stacks because with the combined firepower, they can wipe out Anti-Air guns. they are also very important to attack Railroad Guns. Railroad guns are terrible at defending against aircraft so with tacs, you can wipe them out easily. They are also good when patrolling because unlike interceptors, they won't receive much damage from patrolling. speaking of which...

      7. Interceptors: these planes are great for attacking other planes. while on petrol, they will attack any plane that enters their circle or patrol. They are best for counter attacking tactical bombers but are also good at escorting other planes, giving them extra protection from other planes. interceptors also do a small amount of damage to ground units and ships. if you are willing to take a huge risk, you can use them to counter attack Convoys and militia. but those are the only to things I have found they were good against.

      8. Medium Tanks: this tank combines greater fire power and slower speed to make this unit. I find them very useful when supporting Light Tanks on an attack. A common mistake players make is sending them through cities. Medium Tanks (along with any other tank) are anything but good in cities. They are also bad in mountains so the best place to use them is on open fields where they get huge advantages. leave the mountains and cities for infantry.

      9. Cruisers: Cruisers are overall my favorite naval unit. they have medium range, great fire power against subs and other ships as well as land units, and what better way to top it off with Anti-Air support as well? Cruisers are the best naval unit. they are good at bombarding troops on ground (which is what I use them for) and also good at escorting capital ships (Battleships and Aircraft Carriers). Even though they don't have the best firepower against Subs, they are still great at attacking them.

      10. Motorized Infantry: OK, I will be honest. I don't use this unit very much because I never get around to researching it. this unit takes infantry, makes it faster, and adds additional strength to it. Sense it is a infantry unit, it has no disadvantage in cities and is also very economical, compared to Machined Infantry. they are great for infantry support with tanks and also for defending areas threatened by enemies. these are also better defensively so are good at guarding from infantry charges.

      OK, no you guys can criticize this list :) .

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      Firstly, maybe put the first 5 troops there too as the tittle says 10 ;)

      Interceptors: they are strong against armored cars in the early game and more effective then anti tank as it is a too slow unit.

      Cruisers: cruisers have a smaller range then battleships and get destroyed by them, they can't locate subs what makes them still vulnerable. As I like to lock ships into battle with subs and then bombard them with destroyers without my destroyers being counter attacked. The combination of subs and destroyers is really powerful, they cost little resources and manpower so they are easy to replace.

      Motorized/Mechanized infantry: Mechanized infantry is highly powerful, all tough from the armor branch they don't get a penalty in cities. Biggest bonus they are the fastest unit in the game and are strong on every terrain. Perfect unit for the late game. Disadvantage they are weak against anti tank. That's why it's still useful to keep producing Motorized infantry in the late game.

      SP artillery: i'm surprised that you don't mention them as they are fast units they can attack the early game units which are slower and outrun them after the attack to stay out of their range. with a stack of 8 you can take out almost any single unit instantly and they are perfect to attack bigger stacks too.
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