New country options.

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    • New country options.

      So this is just a suggestion, but one I think would be fun to play around with and add in to the game.
      1. So I was thinking, what if we could change the flags of our countries? that would allow more user customization and allow people to find certain nations easier in the diplomacy tab.
      2. What if we could form multinational empires, like two or three nations come together and form one new nation that they all control, they would each get to control certain parts of the country and would rely on each other to create new armies, and other things like that. This would also have some tactical implementations as it would take pressure off of single leader countries that have to watch three or more fronts at once as different armies would be controlled by separate users allowing greater mobility and faster reaction times for defense.
      3. When your armies are invading allowing them to live off the land before its captured, taking some strain off national food resources and allowing leaders to create more armies. When you look at real life we see that all the time nations do this instead of sending supplies. This would also have to have the feature of razing ground so your enemies cant use it.
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      1. It's a nice idea, but it's been mentioned that things like that need to be reviewed. This is one of the most commonly brought up issues whenever more personalization in the game is requested. (new names, flags, etc.)
      2. That sounds like it should either be a coalition, or it's just OP and shouldn't be allowed. This could easily be abused by people who get away with multiple accounts.
      3. I think that's overly complicated to implement, that's about it.
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      About the best way for this to happen would be if there was a COW gallery of flags where you could go and pick out a different flag. There would be a pool of flags per game and once you picked one, either for a coalition or individual, it would be unavailable to anyone else.
      While maybe a 'cool' thing to have, I'd rather the programmers work on things that make the game function better and faster.