Indefinite Patrolling?

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    • Indefinite Patrolling?


      Hello Everyone,

      First let me say that I'm new to the game and enjoying it. It plays well but I'm troubled but some of the logic. As the title suggests, I don't understand the logic behind:
      • Flying a group of aircraft out to the limit of their range
      • Circling for as long as you'd like over a target (I've seen no indication that they can't circle forever...)
      • Making one last attack run if they choose
      • Then still be able to get back to base without falling out of the sky
      • And all this time...take almost zero damage from any AA positioned within their patrol area
      I may be new to "this" game, but certainly no new to war.

      I call BS.

      I still enjoy the game and will most likely keep playing, just think this should be changed to be more realistic.

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      All units in this game are constantly supplied with fuel and ammunition (it's not a simulation, but more like a board game) -- only planes on direct attack have to refuel.

      But planes on patrol only attack with 25% of their strength -- so calculated are only 1/4 planes at the target, the other 3/4 are on outwards or return flight or refueling. (the air defense of the attacked ground units is also reduced to 25%.)

      And also, all hostile units within the patrol radius will attacked (every 15 minutes) and the Anti-Air defense of all attacked units is calculated same time (attack-strenght from the planes will distributed to all enemies in the circle, and each attacked unit / army in the circle will give it's AA defense).

      In this respect, the patrol mode is the normal mode, because this results in a maximum of 1 full attack per hour.

      So if, then it would not be the patrol mode what is wrong, but the direct attack, because with it more than 1 attack per hour is possible depending on airfield-level and distance -- but with it the planes will be very close to the front at refueling, and are accordingly endangered = egalité.

      PS: sometimes it helps to reload the game if combat results (or other things) are not displayed or updated immediately.

      Browsergames sind eine geniale, mehr oder weniger geschickt als Spielattrappe getarnte Geschäftsidee zum Kohleziehen :!:
      Also Vorsicht, es können überall Fußangeln, Stolperdrähte und Selbstschussanlagen lauern :00000156:
      Texte oberhalb dieser Signatur können Spuren von Ironie enthalten ;)

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      You also have to take the scale an strength of AA into account

      A single AA unit will be destroyed very quickly by 10 or 20 planes. While a group of 8 AA to protect a group of 12 other units will survive a long time and do a lot of damage to the planes.

      If your enemy has 20 units, then your one or two units are not going to last long no matter what. The game is about countering the enemy and crafting your army to defeat the enemy army.
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