The Free Hungary Theory

    • The Free Hungary Theory

      Here is a screenshot of the 22p Europe- Clash of Nations map:

      As you can see, there are two Hungarys. One that is actually called Hungary, and another known simply as "Crimea". Crimea is a bit of a mystery nation; you cannot interact with Crimea at all. It doesn't have a slot in the Diplomacy tab, meaning you can't formally declare war on it. Since there is no information about Crimea in the Diplomacy tab, we also don't know who is the leader of Crimea. Other AI nations all have a historically accurate person as leader of their nation; for example, the leader of Greece is Eleftherios Venizelos(I think). Crimea's provinces are also called non-core provinces, apparently(although they produce 100% of resources for Crimea). Safe to say, Crimea is a strange country. So, here is my theory on why Crimea exists and uses the Hungarian flag.

      Now, we can safely say the 22p Europe map is in no way completely historically accurate. For example, South USA(Confederate States) and Russian Empire clearly did not exist during this era. So, what if this was an alternate universe? In this alternate universe, a) the South wins the American Civil War and b) the power of Bolshevik Russia was unable to wipe out the Russian monarchy. We can conclude that the First World War must've already occurred, because states such as Yugoslavia exist. Now, remember before the update, Hungary used to just be a part of Greater Romania. But, after a recent update, the AI nation Hungary was created and Romania's landmass was shrunk. So here's what I think happened:

      Imagine it's February of 1917. The Austro-Hungarian Empire is desperately fighting to stay alive. With the February Revolution in full swing in Russia, the Austrians launch an offensive into Ukraine. Naturally, the offensive fails, as all Austro-Hungarian offenses do, but a Hungarian Army Corp is able to capture and secure the peninsula of Crimea. After the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was obliterated. In real life, Romania and Hungary fought a war shortly after the First World War, in 1920, after Romania tried to seize more territory. As historian Margaret MacMillan stated, Queen Marie of Romania had come to the Paris Peace Conference with "demands for most of Hungary". Hungary, weak and unstable after the war, had survived the Romanian attack because the Romanians were bad at fighting, and because they were able to catch lots of Romanians in the mountains of Transylvania. What if in this alternate world, Hungary succumbed to Romania, and was annexed into "Greater Romania"?

      Remember the Hungarian Corp in Crimea? Clearly, they would not be loyal to the Romanians. Influenced by the communist uprisings in Russia, the Hungarian soldiers in Crimea annex the peninsula and declare the Free Hungarian People's Republic in Crimea(or whatever fancy name they want). This is why Crimea flies the Hungarian flag. It's also why their provinces are considered "non-core"- Crimea isn't part of Hungary, nor was it part of Austria-Hungary.

      Fast forward to the 1930s and Romania is in recession after failing to recover from the stock market crash. They are unable to quash rebellion in Hungary and are forced to grant Hungary independence. The new Kingdom of Hungary, a western-style capitalistic nation, is formed. However, the communist Free Hungary does not want to work with this new capitalist Hungary, seeing them as Romanian stooges and decadent capitalists. The Kingdom of Hungary does not want to work with brainwashed red Hungarian soldiers. So, Free Hungary was never dissolved. And that is why, to this day, you can still see two Hungarys on the 22p Europe map, locked in eternal disagreement.
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