Spectating Games Idea

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    • Spectating Games Idea

      Hello, I am here to introduce another aspect of CoW. This is called spectating (most of you should now what this means). Sometimes, I would love to share my game number to friends to show how good I am doing. Before you get all questionable, the spectator cannot interact and see all nations troops and etc. All they can do is look at the newspaper and coalition tab and see thee countries. I would love the idea of spectating. Any suggestions would be nice.
    • It could be usefull for new players to check out how the game works. The question is how this spectating would happen as players can ask spectators to watch their game and to give information about their opponents. If no troops of any player is visible then there's nothing to look at. If there is, then there's a risk of cheating.
    • Maybe exact troop numbers should be invisible to spectators? I mean, it'd still let spectators know troops positions but they can't see what troops are there or where the troops are moving(if they are moving)
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    • I think it is a very nice idea as there have been times I would like to show players a certain aspect and could be used to help players if they have a specific game question, but perhaps could be done by having an "invitation" by a single player which allows you to see what they can see? This means that the risk of players revealing information to other players in the game is a risk the players inviting them has but they cannot see from anyone else's perspective? Potentially they shouldn't be able to see other nations even if the player inviting them has SM with them.
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    • I would agree strongly with this idea, once, my alliance did 2 separate WWII remakes and my friend in the alliance from the first one wanted to see how well I was doing in the second one and vice versa. It was too late to join the game and just take a peek at what had happened and we really wished we could see each other's games. I think this really could've fixed everything and would be a great thing to, at least, put some thought into! Iczz, you have my full support!
    • The biggest issue with spectating is the information that would then be released to the spectator because it could easily be displayed to the actual players. If whatever you intend to show the spectators will affect the gameplay if the players were to know about these movements, then it cannot be shown. Troop movements often show a player's signature play style, and if somebody can latch onto somebody's playstyle, they could then easily beat them as long as they understand how to outsmart the given playstyle. This sense of limited mystery at least hides some of this making it difficult to defend without actually intercepting your enemies attack plans.

      My point is if you reveal any troop movements, some of the players will find out which areas they have to defend. Even if you don't show the routes, they can watch, and over time, the general route can be determined.
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