Looking to be a hella active Mod.

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    • Looking to be a hella active Mod.

      Hello Call Of War Community! How are you guys or gals on this fine afternoon(for me). I've been playing call of war for a while and I've seen so many people break the rules and i'm just tired of it. I wanted to take call of war to the next level and help the community out and so is the Moderator team with a new member. This message will just be basically be me Asking to be moderator. Dear, Staff team and Moderater team! I've been wanting to be a mod for a while now, this game is so fun and I think I would be old enough because i'm 19, also that I would not be corrupt and just do bad things as a mod, It would be fun just checking and then checking the chat for spammers/people speaking in a different language/ Just rude people that are being really toxic and is ruining the Games experience for all of the Community! I do have Experience of being a moderator, I've been moderator for a bunch of different games that are similar to this. :) :) Love you all Staff and moderators! <3 <3 <3 Just keep me in mind if you need a extra helper!. For example I have been moderators in many many servers.
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