Redraw while in battle, no lock in

    • amonmontu wrote:

      When battle is initiated, forces shoudl also be able to redraw during battle. ..
      My opinion is still no, they should'nt. ;)

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      Restrisiko wrote:

      Restrisikos night thoughts about retreat ..

      For various reasons retreat may not exist here in the game -- remember, it's not a simulation or a shooter, but a real-time long term strategy (board) game where not all players are always at the gaming table at the same time in order to respond to sudden actions.

      A retreat option would not only completely change the combat system but will lead the game as a whole (again) a little further away from the original strategic (thinking) game in the direction to a trivial action game. It also would give gold users another enormous advantages.

      Just a small example of many:
      Someone places defense in a city (say in the evening) and goes to bed (or in the morning and goes to work -- or whatever..) ..

      .. a "night-active" enemy attacks that city and then realizes that his troops will not make it and would be wiped out ..

      .. with "retreat" he might pull out his failing troops and save them from destruction (while they would lost otherwise, which so far is the normal gameplay and game content) ..

      .. so one hand the retreat will unfairly would prevent the legitimate advantage / victory of the offline opponent (because he can not react, as, for example, to pursue the fleeing troops and give them the death blow) ..

      .. and, would be more worse, the retreating player then may heal his units just quickly with gold and attack the now battered units of the sleeping (offline being) defender again, or attack them with other fresh units or / and in another compilation and defeat them comfortably now.

      Thanks to the SBDE even numerically superior attackers has relative losses in the end, but with a retreat option, they could then for example attack in waves with always fresh units and so would have much less own losses in the end.
      Of course you can already attack in waves as it is now (which experienced players logically also do), but you can reinforce melee troops only by further units and not avoid / reduce losses by take them
      out of the combat to improve their condition by regrouping or using gold if condition comes to low.
      .. so with retreat it will be possible to undermine the SBDE even more than it is already possible now.

      Theoretically, thanks to the retreat, with a couple of fast tanks and a little gold padding, one could overrun every tough opponent overnight - in, out, golden, onwards and so on..

      Therefore, with a "retreat" option there at least necessarily has to be an automatic option like "tracking" or something similar for the remaining troops ..
      (.."tracking" is partly present for the AI (>>such as described here for example<<), but of course it's only recognizable in distance attacks -- in contrast to that a tracking option, wich could be halfway useful for players, should be able to manage far too many variables which all has to be chosen and entered by the player; would be too cumbersome ..)
      .. moreover, on retreat from melee both options would void eachother so both are redundant anyway ...

      This game is (still) a strategic construction game and not just a shooting game -- the actual fight is just a part of the whole challenge.
      Much more important is planning ahead when, where and why is what to do or sometimes maybe better not to do.
      One should not always try to rape this planning game as a Jump 'n' Run action-game, but that's exactly what it will become like if such "blue-eyed improvements" will introduced .

      Imagine, for example, besides retreat we also have the often desired disbanding of units and in addition, what is also a gladly demand, an easier and higher availability of resources (just only 2 others of the lot of popular suggestions for improvement of the last Years) -- that means to have the ability to spam units in greater numbers and reequip at will and also to attack and retreat whith them at will -- CoW would be like Pac-Man or Donkey-Kong then..

      .. does anyone really want that ..?

      So think ahead -- and if an enemy is still too strong, then do not attack him yet, and then you do not need a retreat ..

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      - more or less cleverly camouflaged as a real game sometimes.
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