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      hEy wHat'S gOiNg oN gUyS iT's mE bAck WitH anOtHeR caLL oF wAr mAp sUgGestiOn!11!1

      Today, I'd like to introduce the Sandbox Map. It's a non-ranked game, played on the All Countries All In map. These maps are never system generated, so have to made manually. These maps do not show up on the "New Games" tab and can only be accessed if you are in the same alliance as the creator.

      When creating these maps, there would be a huge amount of customization. The map creator can change many things on the map, such as:

      -Starting resources for each individual countries(from zero to I N F I N I T E)
      -How much each country has researched
      -How fast the game will go(2x speed up to like 32x speed or something)
      -Names of countries
      -Immobile AI(AI that will do literally nothing)
      -Et cetera well as all the regular settings maps have. These maps would be great for roleplaying, testing out stuff, doing stupid things, and so much more. These maps would expire after two months, meaning that after two months Sandbox maps automatically delete themselves. You can "renew" your Sandbox map for a certain amount of gold, if you want your Sandbox map's expiry date to be extended. These games are limited to one per alliance, and can only be made by players with High Command or players who are willing to spend gold to make them(like the Tourney Island map).

      "That's impossible! The Americans only know how to make razor blades."
      "We could do with some of those razor blades, Herr Reichsmarshall."
      Hermann Goring and Erwin Rommel