Troop Morale

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    • Troop Morale

      Morale was a huge factor in WWII, both civilian and soldier morale. The reason why France fell so easily was because they were so demoralized and unwilling to fight(the Phony War was the perfect example of this). This is also why the Germans failed to take Russia- they were demoralized and cold from the brutal Russian winter. What if troops had a second bar, just above their health bar, that showed their morale? When a unit's morale is high, it fights better in battle(maybe some extra SBDE?), and vice versa for when it is low. If a unit's morale is low enough, there will be a chance that the unit will stage a mutiny and rebel against you. Troop morale can be determined by a number of factors, and here are some of them:

      -Terrain(if the unit is weaker in a certain terrain, it will have lower morale and vice versa)
      -Battle Results(armies that have taken more damage will be more demoralized, and armies that win will gain a morale boost)
      -Encirclement(if all provinces connected to the one where a troop is located gets captured by enemies, the morale will plummet)
      -Shortages(low resources mean unhappy soldiers)
      -Capture of Capital(troops get demoralized with the fall of your capital and motivated when an enemy capital is captured)
      -Forced Marching(forced march will hurt a unit's morale)
      -Bombardment(if a unit is being hit with artillery, planes, or ships and it cannot fire back, morale will drop)

      If your troops mutiny against you, they either swear allegiance to another country, or (and this is probably never going to happen because of all the technical implications) when your army rebels, an AI is created that takes control of the army. For example, if you are, say, Poland and one of your army rebels, ownership of the army will be transferred to an AI called "Polish Rebels", and so on. This way, you can actually fight a genuine civil war. As I said, this is never gonna happen because of how complicated it is, but i cAn dReAm oK

      "That's impossible! The Americans only know how to make razor blades."
      "We could do with some of those razor blades, Herr Reichsmarshall."
      Hermann Goring and Erwin Rommel