Pinned Workaround for units that are not clickable in the map seam

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    • Workaround for units that are not clickable in the map seam

      On the world maps it is possible to scroll endlessly around the map because of the map seam which runs north to south from the Bearing strait to New Zealand. Units that are within the overlap of the map seam can be very difficult to select.

      This is a known issue and is currently being worked on by the developers.

      We do understand your frustration. Bugs can be difficult to correct, but please know we are doing or best to make the game bug free.

      There are many alternate methods of selecting units when directly clicking on them is ineffective:

      You may hold down the right mouse button and circle the area to select the units. Sometimes a "triangle" motion works better than a circle motion. This will make a gray shadow and select all the units in the loop. In the case of planes: Having the circle include the airbase or carrier they are stationed from is necessary. You will then need to use the split command to separate the planes from the carrier or units at the airfield.

      Or, For units with a known designation, such as AB12, you can use Ctrl +F and type in the unitID to select the unit. You may be able to determine the designation from newspaper reports or from the unit list as if you were going to trade an army to someone in diplomacy menu. All of your units will start with the same letter code.

      Or, The units can be selected by cycling through the units with the left and right arrow keys until the desired unit is found. Typically if you start by selecting a nearby unit and use an arrow key you will get other units within view. In some cases reloading the game will freshen the list and sort order, and enable you to find the unit easier with this method.
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      Have an issue of this kind in game 2,800, 460 ... I'm Spain, have taken over 90% of France, and I'm at war with Germany ... Germany has a AA unit in Brugge (a province they took from Belgium) ... But when I click on unit, funky things happen ... the latest one is that some other different German unit in Frankfurt shows up in unit detail window ... I have refreshed game and restarted computer, but problem persists ... Can you guys fix this in your server (.P.S. I have a Mac) ... :tumbleweed: