Paratrooper effects

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  • Paratrooper effects

    The Paratrooper add to the game will actually be quite dramatic.

    Currently the game is more of a ww1 borders and trenches game, as long as you maintain a border between you and an enemy nobody gets by. It does have a ww2 blitzkrieg to it, where if an enemy does not have garrisons, a breakthrough leads to many losses of provinces.

    What paratroopers do is change it to Vietnam, there are no more borders in the combat, because any province reachable becomes vulnerable.

    So now instead of a line around a nation, people will park there troops in Resource Places, knowing they can't put troops everywhere.

    The other thing about paratroopers is they change the offense to defense balance, before if your two* province with strong garrison border was secure, then your country was secure, now you must garrison 4 or 5 provinces, and that means it cost more to defend then attack, dramatically changing play style. It becomes more advantages to attack into a nation, and make sure there are no airfields that then can reach your core inner nation.

    *(edit 2-3 provinces per enemy border)

    The thing about paratroopers in reality is they have never really been a take and hold kind of troop, and this game has no 'supply mechanics' where an interior unit would be out of supply, so my prediction is the paratroop will be over powered simply because of the range they can attack.

    Paratroopers should have a counter in the style of scissor paper rock, currently that counter is they are slow to move and probably expensive, but once in play, they project power over multiple provinces.

    So I suggest the following counter to Paratrooper strength.

    My opinion on paratroopers is that before a paratrooper be allowed to finish taking a province by itself behind enemy lines. it should have to link up with a path to your own capital, it can attack units (but nobody is going to use them for that) and it can almost take the province, but it should not be able to destroy interior buildings and own the province till linked and supplied.

    That way they can 'Market Garden' but they have to be followed up by substantial units with supply.

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  • Paratroopers will likely go live soon, without any changes over what has been discussed.

    Once everyone has a chance to use them for a while there may be a discussion of how well they work and if any changes need to be made.
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