AI hiding money on market

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    • AI hiding money on market

      have been spying on a couple countries that use to be player controlled. They stopped playing about 5 days ago so AI has taken over. My spy report shows $0 cash in these 2 country's holdings. They both have HUGE buy orders for food, like 100k+ units of food, and to a lesser extent all the other resources have buy orders also
      . As a player, this sucks that the AI is hiding 100% of their cash reserves in the market, making it pointless for me to attack their capitals.

      Is there anything I can do?
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    • It requires help to do this since you can't sell them stuff while you are at war with them. As you capture their provinces you gain 50% of the prior day's production of resources. So you capture the provinces to get the food, goods, etc. You give the resources to a friend to sell them on the market to the AI, getting their money. They you can continue eliminating the country.

      Not a great solution, but it feels like an accomplishment doing it, lol.
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    • Interesting idea, but i don't really have a friend in the game. Will just keep spying and waiting for opportunity.

      I just think its crap that the AI is allowed to do this. It takes away from one of the goals of the game. Taking capitals to earn cash to afford to keep growing. And what makes it worse is that on a report a couple days ago, both AI were listed in the top 5 wealthiest nations. Ah well, not going to stop me from killing them, just will wait longer.
    • It's not the AI that is allowed to do it, it's the players that are allowed to do it. It's a great way to protect your resources and money when under attack. When the player turns AI the resources still stay in the market. It's a last revenge on your attacker because he doesn't get any money for his hard work. It's a great tool actually.