Interested in having a serious CoW player as guest on my podcast

    • Interested in having a serious CoW player as guest on my podcast

      This might be a long shot. Also, if it violates any terms of service, please let me know.

      I'm an amateur podcaster, and one of my features is 'Wargaming on the Cheap'. Currently working on a review of CoW. My co-host and I have already recorded our 'first impressions' segment and after playing for a couple hours I am currently writing up my notes for the review segment. Hoping to have it all recorded next week.

      Ya know what I think would be cool? To also have a segment recorded with a serious CoW player, someone that really really likes and knows this game. Is that something that sounds cool to you? If so, let's talk.

      You will need Skype, be in the PST timezone, and willing to schedule a shared call with me and my co-host, we would love to interview you for 5-10 minutes (hell, if we get into it and you are down we can talk as long as you want). We will just be interested in interviewing you on what you like about the game and maybe about what new players should expect from this game.

      PM me if interested. I will share a link to one of my recent shows so you can hear it and decide if you want to do this. Also we will only use the recording after you have a chance to hear it and decide that you are cool with us using it on our podcast. I don't want to share our link here as it probably constitutes Advertising, but I assume that it's cool for me to share it in a PM.
    • hakijaa wrote:

      i havent seen him in a while, MontanaBB
      Sadly he hasn't been around in six months.

      I'll check with a couple of people and send them your way.
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    • Thats a great idea, but this must be directed to people who have been playing this game for years and that are hardcore. They are the people that are going to give u answers about strategies, early game engagement, late game engagement, coalition plays and stuff like that, so new players would be interested to hear from a qualified player, interested to hear about the game itself. I think this is a great opportunity to show to other players that this is a game worth of playing, but sure u can make a lot of friends too. I've made a lot of friends by just asking them to be in a coalition :D.