That was perfect opener!

    • I build around 21 airports per game. Some are more, like the 100ps, while others are less, like historical or 10ps. However, I'm quite surprised I build forts more than I build infra, naval bases, barracks, airports, and nuke reactors combined (average of 63 per game compared with 54 per game). Probably because I build lots of lvl 1 forts when I have a massive surplus of supplies (I don't even know why I do that).
      "As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable." Albert Einstein

      "Giving up is not an option in war, for it proves one's incapability and incompetence as a leader." - Me (Little Racoon)
    • At the end of each game, I try to spend all my resources on every building I can build. It also boosts your economic score.
      I actually ended one game with lvl 5 forts in every territory. My morale was never better.
      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."