North Argentina..the nation of food surplus

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    • North Argentina..the nation of food surplus

      I have been playing COW for a while now...and what I found here...mind a game that I was outspent on in gaming gold, against North that in this particular game...I found that North Argentina can make huuge food surplus if done correctly, that is, with a good ally of course, preferably from the same continent.

      Over 60 days was spent on finally putting down a superior player, who had spent significant gold to overwhelm the majority of players and had come within about 2 days of victory. Together with our abundances of money harvested, me and ally eco sabotaged their allies food provinces, but still that did not work, so I decided to stay to my economy and hold onto dropout players capitals, this slowly pushed them into starvation. Note: I did my best not to sell my food surplus, not until it should really be intended.

      Here below is a picture (print-screen) in the way I found best to defend my nation from the multiple attacks I endured by East Yakutia (big coiner) & North Ural players. Mostly artillery and infantry in forts on the coastlines, some battleships, a heap of motorized artillery, about 8 - 10 medium tanks, destroyers mostly east side, and just more forts. I also have about 20 tac. bombers ready to respond, they are currently on expeditionary roles bombing the remnants of East Yakutia in North America.

      On this map type...I also have 30 anti tank, 18 artillery, 17 med. tank, 8 motorized artillery, 25 anti air, 5 infantry, 9 air to air fighters, 20 battleships, 43 destroyers, 22 submarines, 11 nuclear submarines, 7 nuclear battleships plus the rest...I did not use even 1 nuclear bomb on this game, I was nuked about 7 - 8 times by East Yakutia and still came out in the end. I am ranked as fifth player, yet I hold the strongest military. NORTH ARGENTINA WORKS!

      This is a REAL strategy is developed by intelligent programmers, it is that Argentina consumes all their own vineyards...meaning...they do not export their smart...and realise what nation you have chosen, ideally....USA, RUSSIA or ASIA.....
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