world maps and private games

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    • world maps and private games

      hey, sorry this is my first post here, but i had a question and or maybe a suggestion... and i hope this in the right spot.

      how can we or can we get the ability to do Alliance games in world maps. those are all i really like to play and i think it adds more to the game having the entire globe to move on. Also, i would like to see time modifiers added to the alliance games as well. i played a game where the speed was increased by i think 2 or 4x before, and it was amazing. i never see those games pop up and to do another world game weather it is a 100 player or 25 player with increased speed would be cool again.
    • It's not possible to start your own World at War maps, those are only able to be system generated. One of the main reasons is that alliances hold at max 20 members; World at War maps hold 100 players.

      It's also not possible to change the speed of your own maps.
      However, if you are looking for maps with more speed, try a tutorial map or wait for a 4x Speed World at War map. They can be found in the Events column.
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