¿What do you think about made a 1940 map?

    • ¿What do you think about made a 1940 map?

      Europe 1940 ("H 15")

      We are in may of 1940. Dunkerk have been evacuated and The Maginot line has fallen after fight to the fascist´s power.

      France has capitulated the 25th of july, and all de western europe is under control of the wehrmacht and the Schutzstaffel members.

      Allies: Your principal mission being the Allies, is organize, mobilize, and defend the troops located in the North Africa, England and the Soviet Union. Counting on the American Industry and the Russian Manpower .The Axis members are trying to make the group more numerous and terrorize the world!.

      You must to force to retreat the fascists troops and take the principals capitals for end the war.

      Axis: You have under your command, France, Poland, Norwey, Belgium, Holand, Luxembourg, Libya and Ethiopia. The world known about your achivements, and your power.
      Germany are focusing his plans on landing to london, or marching to Moscow.
      While Italy want to recreat the Roman Empire.

      Your next step can make you win the war, or be defeat by the bad leaderships. What you prefer?


      Principal. Fascist, and possible //, Allies , West , East , and possible //
      • Germany

      • Italy

      • Vichy´s France
      • Romania

      • Spain
      • Finland
      • Bulgary
      • England

      • Unite States of America
      • Canada
      • Free France
      • Sweden
      • Turkey
      • Yugoslavia
      • Soviet Union

      • Portugal
      • Switzerland
      • Estonia
      • Latvia
      • Lithuania
      • Arabia saudi
      • Irak
      • Czechoslovakia
      • Greek

      • 1940 part 2.PNG

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    • sounds nice. USSR would probably need some support in the West, but everything sounds real nice in it.

      Marcos Sicilia wrote:

      Dunkerk have been evacuated and The Maginot line has fallen
      Dunkirk wasn't evacuated and the Maginot Line hadn't fallen until June of 1940, not May. just a friendly history fact :) .

      Marcos Sicilia wrote:

      Unite States of America
      at this point, the Lend-Lease Act has been signed meaning that USA is shipping supplies over. however, the USA hasn't officially joined yet. they are still neutral and their military is extremely small.

      Marcos Sicilia wrote:

      Vichy´s France
      this would be a little bit more risky. at this time, Vichy France has a small army and lies on the border of the powerhouse Germany and surrounded by Axis country's. I am afraid that Germany and maybe Italy will take advantage of this and invade them early in the game.
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    • attacker101 Is only an introduction, im not using all the real facts that happen in may of 1940.

      the theory is rewrite the history.

      The moderators are the importants one. Because They are the unique person that can accept this map and make it possible.

      I only help myself with the normal idea of have the same countries than in the other history servers. Thats the reason of why i dindt put Greek like playable and dindt think about it, no more.

      Would be nice if Vichy France were part of the axis power (
      for his own security). Being the antagonist of the Free France, triying both sides take all the territories under his control.

      If something its hard to read its normal, im not a english speaker and i dont have all the vocabulary that i would like.

      Thanks for the supports guys!