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    • Guide to Paratroopers

      Paratroopers are a new unit implemented by bytro for a specific use: dropping a unit behind enemy lines for grabbing strategic cities and emplacements. This comes at a cost of having a low health carrier plane, being immobile for a set period of time and being a one time use item. But they can have some seriously cool usages.

      Paratroopers are only available on new games started after paratroopers were released. If you can't find them in your game, that's probably why.

      Build Requirements, Research and Costs- Costs for paratroopers are fairly high, both in research and in production.
      • Level 1 Industrial Complex
      • Level 3 Airbase
      • Level 1 Barracks
      • Must be Built in Capital
      • Level 1 Paratroopers

      Strength and Range- Paratroopers have four levels and each level has increased strength and range. A fully upgraded paratrooper regiment is stronger than elite infantry, and has the end range of a level 1 bomber. As they get more upgraded, the mandatory waiting time is decreased. The beginning production time for paratroopers is 32 Hours.

      Level Hrs
      Level Hrs
      Level Hrs
      Level Hrs

      The levels listed here are for both attack and defense, paratroopers have no difference on damage output between the two.

      Attacking with Paratroopers: Paratroopers are highly strategic units. Best used on empty provinces, airports or key industrial centers, they are meant for quick smash and grab missions.
      • Attack secretly- Consider attacking when you know the player isn't going to be on for the continued survival of your troops.
      • Attack Small Units- Only attack units you know you can defeat, or need to stop. Paratroopers cannot move for 10 hours, so be careful.
      • Attack strategic targets- Attack an airport planes are attacking out of, a city that has a nuclear reactor, a port that desperately needs to be stopped, etc. Paratroopers are expensive and take a commitment to build, so don't waste them.
      • Attack in Groups- This gives a better chance of survival once you land, and in the air.
      Defending Against Paratroopers- Paratroopers have low health in the air, plus they cannot move for 10 hours. You can use this to your advantage in defending.
      • Anti-air and fighters- Any anti-air units or fighters in or above the province the paratroopers are attacking should destroy the transport plane of the paratroopers.
      • Artillery- Setup this unit to bombard the paratroopers once they have landed. Since they are stuck for 10 hours, you should have plenty of time to bombard them to oblivion.
      • Counter Units- Have units waiting in the province the paratroopers are going to attack. Bombarding them from the air also works.
      I hope this helps with any questions. Feel free to comment below on anything I may have missed or necessary additions.-General Nightman, Intelligence Division
      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."

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    • Really cool guide, i haven't used paratroopers yet so it was very clarifying. But i don't see the level of barracks needed? Great guide, i will use this to answer help questions in the chat. Thank you.

      Maybe you could do a section paratrooper vs commando production: pro and cons as they are both produced in the capital?
      EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh
    • You were right, I missed the barracks.
      Paratroopers require Level 1 Barracks, which is surprising considering how close they are to commandos.
      I can do the comparison in a couple of days.
      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."

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