domestic policy as a new menu point

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    • domestic policy as a new menu point

      My idea is to add a new menu point beside the diplomacy, news, coalitions, etc... : the domestic policy.
      In this menu the players could controll the nation with a lots of modifiers, for example:
      - extensive conscription (produce more manpower by 20%, decrease the morale in all provinces by - 5)
      - Civil economy (Boost the economy, decrease the manpower- and slow down the military production)
      - propaganda (Boost morale in the provinces at the cost of dayly 20.000 money)
      - war economy (speed up the military production, decrease morale in all provinces)
      - Martial law ( give 5% defenese bonus in all province, decrease morale and production)
      - national emergency ( add 3 militia units to your capital, this modifyer can used only once/game)
      - Supply ( heal the units faster at the cost of 50% higher maintaince cost)
      - technology focus ( allow to research technologyes ahead of time by 4 day, at the cost of 100% higher research cost, and dayly 50.000 money)

      The modifiers can be turned in or off, but after the action you have to wait 24 hour
    • So are you allowed to use multiple ones at once, or are you forced to decide the best one? I prefer that we can only use one modifier to keep the game more uniform.
      "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      "War does not determine who is right - only who is left."
    • No i thought you can use multiple ones at once, but it doesnt worth it to use too much. Using too much modifyer can bankrupt you, or hurt your provinces morale. Also the modifyers can decrease the defenese ability of your country, so if you activate all economy boosting modifiers, you almost would be unable to produce units, which makes you a target of an enemys invasion.
      The point of the whole idea to balance your governance and keep your country stabile even in the times of war.
    • This idea has been well tested in the CIV games, and is certainly interesting. Just a few remarks:

      1. Money cost shouldn't be fixed but percentage of the income, as otherwise it becomes irrelevant after a certain day (when you make 10K/hour, who cares for spending 20K/day?)

      2. Again it was proved, based on CIV, that the two major policies the players would go for are either the ones maximizing research, or the ones maximizing production (but almost never the ones maximizing military). The idea is that by research and/or production you can easily defeat a more numerous army, since you outclass it.

      Accordingly, it requires extensive testing in order to find a good balance point that makes really attractive the military policies.