Call of War: Friends List Next Update?

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    • Call of War: Friends List Next Update?

      A lot of players Including myself have made buddies or friends on "Call Of War" An issue I've always had was not being able to have an active Friends list. Many people have met nice people who work together and have fun on this game and create a nice bonds including myself, but after every game I never get to meet them again so it's really a issue I have and I hope the "Call of War" community hears me out too. Please add this on the next update; It would really be amazing to be able to have a friends list and keep contact to play other games together. Thank you for reading this and help us out. Thanks!! ^^
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    • Call of War has alliances, which are a group of people who have a special chat across all games and the ability to battle against other alliances.

      How would your proposed “friends list” be different?
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    • I'm fairly certain the proposed friend list is where each individual player would have control over the people on that list, unlike coalitions where the leader tends to make all those decisions on their own.

      The concern was that this may permit teaming apart from the coalitions. If you consider the teaming in anonymous rounds, a friend list could make restrictions on this an even bigger problem.
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      I do not really get it, can you please explain more?
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      I certainly don't know what the OP had in his mind, but I can say how a "friend list" works in other online games (and why it is both something very different than coalitions, and also potentially useful).

      The player has the ability to mark other accounts as "friends" and then he has two benefits:

      1. An easier way to message them
      2. When starting a new game, it also displays with a different color a "friend" that is already playing in that map.

      Of course, "friend" means nothing in that context - it might also be a good player he would like to play against (so as to have the ability to learn). In that sense, it is both very different to coalitions/alliances, and also potentially useful.
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      Maybe he is proposing that the player can flag/add (or however you want to say it) a player that they want to play with at a later date so that they can easily reach out to them at a later date without having to memorize the name,etc. As alliances have a limited number of people allowed or they may become friends in a normal match while both are in separate alliances. This would probably be the more manageable option.