Guide to Rockets

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    • Guide to Rockets

      Rockets are an secret invention in Call of War. Able to launch over long distances to targets, they are primarily used to destroy buildings. But in stacks, they can be used extremely well against landing troops and planes. Unable to be controlled once fired and being a one use item, make sure of your target.

      Build Costs and Research- Rockets have four levels. Each new level has particular benefits.

      Level 1It's a rocket. Can be shot down, easily.375km
      Level 2Rocket can no longer be shot down.500km
      Level 3Rocket can now hit non-moving naval vessels.650km
      Level 4Most powerful rocket, prepped for nuclear rockets. Ignores fortifications.800km


      Attacking with Rockets- Rockets can be used for a variety of purposes. An important thing to remember, these are rockets. Their path cannot be changed. If you try to attack moving units, you will almost always miss. Attacking both units and buildings at the same time will spread the damage over both.
      • Naval Defense- Great for attacking unloading troops, few can escape from a bombardment under those circumstances. Also good for targeting cruisers, no AA fire.
      • Planes- While rockets can no longer hit planes directly, they can destroy their base of operations, which is almost as good.
      • Buildings- Destroying buildings is the main purpose of rockets. Airfields and fortications are particularly vulnerable to rockets. Also, sending a rocket to hit a city can hit infrastructure or industrial complexs and very effectively stall production.
      Defense against Rockets- There really are only 3 strategies here.
      • Anti-air- LEVEL 1 ROCKETS ONLY- Anti-air units will easily shoot down level 1 rockets. Stacked infantry will also easily shoot them down.
      • RUN!- Turn on the forced march, and speed out of there. While rockets only have a 5km blast radius, better safe than sorry.
      • Destroy them on the ground- Extremely weak unlaunched or on truck convoys, these are prime targets for any units there are. Fighters work well against unlaunched rockets.
      I hope this guide helps you.If you have any questions, comments or if there's anything I missed, please let me know.
      -General Nightman, Intelligence Division
      General Nightman

      Retired Hero

      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."

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    • Level 3 and 4 rockets become powerful enough to target any naval unit, although only fire if the enemy unit is stationary or all you will do is waste your rocket.

      L4 rockets are great bunker busters as not only do they damage fortifications they ignore the defense bonus offered by forts altogether.

      If your enemy is relying heavily on rockets then sending in military spies has a chance to damage an airbase enough to stall production, although this is by no means guaranteed.
    • also: make sure of your target:

      there is a difference between hitting a city and hitting an army. hitting a city will just damage the buildings while hitting an army will do more damage to the units. you have to have good mouse key skills to hit the right target.
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