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      When in a game remain just 3 active players i propose that in the right corner, where usually is the clock for the games with limited time, to apear a popup with the RETIREMENT button. Not many players know that they can retreat all 3... i think a pop up with an explanation when you put the mouse on, will be great!

      And second things... on the map where the coalition has 3-4-5 members it will be great to have the possibility of SHARE MAP or at least RIGHT PASSAGE with the members of others coalitions...
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      Why would you like to have shared maps with a member of another coalition? As coalitions battle against each other for the coalition victory they are natural enemies. You wouldn't share maps with your enemy would you? In the past there have been issues with members of different coalitions sharing maps because it resulted into espionage and unfair play. This is the reason why this option has been removed.
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      In many coalition, it is called BETRAYAL.
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      To be fair, coalitions may be fairly small compared to the number of players who should participate in a map, maybe the coalition size is the real problem. And if you say, "Well everybody always leaves", maybe we have to solve that problem as well. The only concerns regarding coalition size I would have though are for 50p+ maps, and maybe they can change the reward system for it as well (coalition splits x amount of gold evenly between y players (max members is 8?)).

      On another note, he mentioned a retirement popup to remind people that they can retire when there's only 3 players or less left. I would only want a little note window there that could forward them to the paper retirement button so that people don't accidentally retire.
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      i want to point out that coalition member can first of all still share maps with single players....... so if i get out of my coalition, share maps, then join again i have effectivly have the maps between two different coalitions :rolleyes: so the "anti-betrayal" is an annoyance that is avoid with doing one extra step in the diplomacy :whistling:

      an actual anti betrayal system would be a huge drop of morale in the country, -10 -20 which will expire when the war with that country ends or after X days of peace i dont know, something that actually will be bad to get sounds as a better counter :/

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