'Tagg a friend' update

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    • 'Tagg a friend' update


      What highlight system should be in place? 0
        Have a larger highlight on units and their relation (0) 0%
        Remove unit count in a stack as a secondary approach (0) 0%
        A faction/relation setting to view one or more relation types for convenience of finding those nations units affiliated with that relation (0) 0%
      I have noticed that even after the 'Tagg a friend' update the enemies unit was the same highlight as before and is still as unidentifiable when the map is zoomed out because they don't stick out like a sore thumb unless I squint at my screen.In all honesty I was expecting the highlight units be like the ones shown in the update image where they have 4 distinct colours which can be seen amidst many other units with different relations as well as your own.