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    • Antarctica map


      I have never played the Antarctica map before. I have heard that it is a pretty difficult and challenging map, perfect to test your skill. People who know me, know this sounds too tempting for me so I'm gonna give it a try. Before i enter the game i have two questions?

      1) Do you have any advice for me?
      2) What was your Antarctica experience? What was good and what wasn't so good about the map

      I'm looking forward to your feedback.
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      In my experience; I hated it.
      Here's why:
      1. People were always waiting for "the other guy". You are all fighting against the AI, and everybody wants everybody else to fight it. That way they can just sweep in and take your hard earned control point away.
      But, I still have a few tips.
      1. Use artillery. - Artillery, artillery and more artillery. Planes is probably best also, but rockets may be key.
      2. Try to make sure you can't be counterattacked on the side, but only do one straight shot for your target.
      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."

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      The AI is strong in the labs

      The AI has railroad guns and level 5 forts at the labs, so plan accordingly

      Don't waste your time conquering to each side of you, just aim straight for the center and defend your supply line only.

      Your core can't be attacked, neither can anyone else's. So don't waste your units defending your core, and don't waste time venturing "sideways" Go and secure the center and work out from there.

      I only played it once, so don't take my advice entirely, lol.
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