I had an idea that could practically work and would add a fun element to the game

    • I had an idea that could practically work and would add a fun element to the game

      So my idea was that every real life day would count as a month in game. During that real life day, it goes from day to night. Months are parts of seasons, and there are perks and penalties for having troop movement and other things during those seasons. For example, your troops get a 1% condition penalty for every hour they are moving during the day and an extra 1% if that movement happens during the summer months. But as a result of moving during the day you get a +50% visibility booster. But if you move at night, you don't get that penalty, but your visibility goes down by -50%. This would open up avenues for new troops to be developed in the secret tab of the research page. Snow troopers, who would negate any penalties having to do with winter or fall months. The second would be night vision troopers, which are the same as regular troopers but they negate any penalties having to do with night. These troops could be researched at like day 20 to 30. I think this would incentivize late game play. Ive seen too many world at war games where people stop playing after the 4th or 5th day. Also I feel like the infantry tab is bland, and needs new types of infantry to keep it from becoming purely tanks late game. let me know what yall think of this as I would like to get some feedback to make the idea cleaner
    • attacker101 wrote:

      1 month per day? that would be awful. your troops would move so fast, like going across 2 countries in 2 hours. troops movement and research time would be like, 2 sec. and it would be like a speed round on steroids.
      True, unless you change it too fast action game. Which is easy to code but way too weird. It would be a awful big change to the game.
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    • Your idea is great and this idea has been proposed before. The problem is that is would take a lot of time, cost a lot to create a map Iike that and the coding is complicated. Bytro prefers to invest in creating new event maps that are attractive for all players and that come back every now and then.

      Remember this is a WW2 game so night vision doesn't have it's place here.

      Too many players think too much in land units aspecialy armour branch. A purely tank late game is a dream for players so invest in an air force. Players think the tank is the most powerful unit in the game but it isn't. The tactical bomber is the strongest and fastest unit and tears tanks to shreds. My favourite late game land unit is mechnized infantry.
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