Radar/Hospital/Service Base/Ammunation

    • Radar/Hospital/Service Base/Ammunation

      Hospital and Service Base

      As you can see damaged units heals so slow, sometimes it takes lots of days... I know people would spam hospital behind battle lines to heal them then make them fight again so what if we make hospitals which takes much rare material and other needs with much daily upkeep then put heal limit by levels like:

      Level1 Hospital- 1 slot to heal.. takes 24 hours
      Level2 Hospital- 2 slot.. takes 20 hours
      Level3 Hospital- 3 slot.. takes 18 hours

      same as service bases...
      So hospitals could heal infantries faster and service bases could heal the damaged armored vehicles and planes in the same system.


      If you are big enough and covered by coasts, you cant know where enemy could reach you and even the weak player can take your cities by guerilla tactics. Radars should scan the sea against transport ships. Should be upgraded range level by level.


      Okay we have units but they have limitless ammo. There should be ammo stock in market and we can be able to product also. Or should have carry the ammo supplies to frontlines, so enemy can have a sabotage advantage to make his enemies forced to fall back because of low ammunation.

      I have read kind of some suggestions like this then add my own opinion about it. Thanks for reading hope it'll be useful.
    • Hospitals have been mentioned a lot but i believe that hospitals on the frontline would give even more advantage to players that use gold. If you put the hospitals further from the frontline then they become impractical due to the travel time.

      Radar: Great idea and the technology was there during WW2. Now it's sometimes based on luck to locate a convoy or you need to put ships on every dot but even then a player with peace just slips trough.

      The ammunition would make the game very complicated and this is not an easy game to master. A lot of players give up on day one and turn inactive. Implementing an feature like this would make it even worse. However it might be a nice feature during an event to create different conditions on the map.
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    • Hospitals are a good idea, i dont agree with BM, simply because the game is easy for gold users anyhow, they spam everything and anything in this game. It is actually economucal, because if i have an infantry that recebtly had a big battle and is left with 20hp, instead of making a new one and kamikazing this one, i could simply heal it and then attack again, just like in real life.

      Solid idea aswell. Radars shouldnt be too expensive nor too cheap, and i would definetly use them all over my coasts.

      For ammo, i agree with BM. Not only does it make thing complicated, but if we go by real life standards, ammo need shelter aswell, and if it had one, i could just Napalm (not literally) it with Tac's and leave your troops without supplies. Good ideas anyway.
    • I don't like ammo because it would make it difficult for attacks. as you know, units attack once every hour and what if in the middle of an attack, you lose out of ammo? it would be very difficult for players to fight battles that way.

      I agree with everyone on hospitals

      range would also be risky because golders could also spam that as well and gain an unfair advantage to see where an enemy troops are heading and to plan accordingly with their massive armies