All Countries: All In: Best new map yet

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    • All Countries: All In: Best new map yet

      Finishing up a round of "ALL COUNTRIES: ALL IN" and must give props where they are due.

      ~ 2 x Speed - Perfect instead of the x4. I'd like to see other rounds with this pace.
      ~ Map was almost identical to 100 pp
      ~ Saw quite a few trailblazers fizzle out early due to the extra countries in play
      ~ Speed-up feature also kept gold rushers in check, but made skilled players maintain economies closely.
      - It was fun to ally with a mini-nation and support them on a flank from incoming hostilities.

      Will definitely join again!
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    • I agree, the game I played the all-in-map was quite enjoyable.
      Allying up with small nations was really fun, though resources are always a pain in historic maps.
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