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      I know they wont do it but I just wanna say this game should also have 2020 matches. New technology, new buildings, new vehicles and infantries such as:

      + Instead of tigers and shermans there could be Leopard and Abrahams...
      + F16s, F35s, Stealth bombers, Su35, Su57...
      + Nuclear, anti-missle system and ballistic rockets TOPOL-M, Patriot, S400, Arrow-2...
      *anti missile can have %33 chance like in real.*
      + Modern warships and submarines
      + Spec forces instead of commando GIGN, Delta Force, Spetsnaz, SAS, SAT...
      + Motorized infantry with new trucks, mechanized with turret armored trucks
      + Militia (the people with ak47 ?(
      + Hospitals, Radars...

      Actuallly they not have to make much new stuff, they can just change the pictures, names and icons It'll be enough. Theres just an addition current game havent: anti missile and buildings.

      This game could be more joyful with these :thumbup:

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    • You should check into sister game Conflict of Nations which is the same game engine with more modern weapons. As it is run on the same server network your login name and password for Call of War will work there also.
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    • furkanzoap wrote:

      @hakijaa Su57* If admins balance the cost of topol they'll easily obstruct spamming.
      Haha if you want a accurate game then Russia has to have 7000 nukes, and the nukes can hit Washington at any time. If not 7000, then atleast 10. That is already too much.
      All in all the only problem is how the community will make the game too crazy, but it is a good idea.

      A great thing would, instead of rebbelions, be that you make 2 republics (ie. North and South Argentina); one would be supported by US and one by Russia. IMO, Russia and USA must be enemies from the beginning of the game to prevent a China, Russia, USA coalition. Or... imagine that! China, Russia, USA vs the world! Damn it, IM IN!!! :D