Make Denmark a More Playable Country in Call of War

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    • Make Denmark a More Playable Country in Call of War

      Denmark is a small country, North of Germany, in Europe. Although it has a small size, Denmark has been a very important part of history with the country's rich viking past. It also has been one of the world leaders in peacekeeping, recycling, and happiness. With all of these achievements, Denmark is a country that is only playable in one event map throughout the entire online game of Call of War. I know the game takes place in 1942, and during this time, the Germans were occupying it for its resource production, but that doesn't mean the country shouldn't be playable. Denmark, a country that actually, slightly, participated in World War II, is not playable in many games, while Sweden, a country that has never actually participated in either world war, is somehow a playable country in almost, and maybe, every single map that involves Europe. This cannot go on for much longer, as some people are unhappy with the unfair amount of time Denmark isn't playable as, and how much time neutral countries get.
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    • For most games, this country is small AI country meant to fill space. It would be unfair to the rest of the map balance to heavily load down this country with troops or resources.
      However, if you want to play it, try a All-in-Historical Map. They're event maps that come around every month or so. You can play Denmark as a country then.
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    • It is too easy to compile a list of such "unjust" choices by the game designers - for a starter (and not because I happen to be Greek) I could easily claim that Greece has more place in the 22p map than Spain, Sweden, or even Yugoslavia. Still, I agree with the necessities of the game designers to provide for a playable country, and that requires it to be quite big (what would the Hungarians say, for example, that are even annexed for the needs of the map).

      So I think of it as a game, and not as a historic representation.
    • Denmark is just too small. I played it in All Countries All In and while it's nice, in any historical map you larger than average navy will just die from the German battleships and your decent army will go the same way. I'm going to start playing New World Empires as Denmark is a regular and balanced (I think) playable nation in that, along with many other interesting countries.