Brightness and color in the new Web api verson

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    • Brightness and color in the new Web api verson

      So I have been playing Call of War for a couple of years, and after the new Web api update, with new graphics and stuff, and I came up with this conclusion: It's a bit colorless in a way, and too bright.

      I have tried to play with this new graphic update but I just can't, first of all, my country's color is too bright, and well, it's not that colorful, colors are pretty dark, and there is not much of color diversity, and that's why I'm still playing in the old version of the game, I hope the developers fix this :/

      What do you guys think?
    • New graphic is bad and ugly. That is my opinion, I always play in old version, new one is unplayable,
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    • it always seems like I'm the only one who likes the new graphics :/ .
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    • @Mr.piiw, you can change your colors back to the default in the in game settings.
      Enhanced graphics forever!
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    • @'General Nightman, Well, the amount of brightness in the "Display relations" feature is too bright, and well, if I remove it it's still colorless to me, and the colors are dark, I just don't like it, that's why I use the old version of the game. And imagine for newbies playing the game for the first time, and this feature is on, man, he or she will just think this game doesn't have creativity at all, even though it's a really good game.