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      And magically if you happen to attack the squadron the missing planes reappear to fight back.

      This would have been a convincing story if and only if the patrolling planes were defending with a lesser value. Since they are not, it is not.
      Desperate men fight harder, what can I say?The attack values are correct.
      Since we have been too often together in the Help chat, you know that one of the repeated questions is about the use of planes. It is clear that, as the situation is now, the standard advise is "just use patrol and don't think about it" (which is rather counter-intuitive for the new players). This means that one of those methods is so hugely superior to the other that perhaps something should be done for it. From the strategic point of view, it is clear to me that there should be some serious disadvantage of patrol, compared to attack, since the supposed "minus" (the fact that you attack with 25% strength) is fake and we all know it: due to the time needed for going back to the airbase, refueling, and returning in effect the attack PER HOUR is same or even worse.
      But this is surely off topic here, although it is not off-forum (we are in the Suggestions/Criticism).
      Are you saying that the air combat stadistics are fake??? always do the 100% of the damage?... what I have been believing then O_o.
    • Not at all. I am claiming that patrol gives (statistically) more damage than direct attack, per hour:

      patrol makes 4 attacks at 25% strength
      direct attack makes one attack at 100% strength, but then has to return to the base, refuel (with all the dangers of refueling) and then come back. Usually less than one attack per hour, unless the target is really close.

      In other words, patrol is given only advantages over direct attack, which is not very common for a strategy game (when you have two methods, one should have at least some distinct advantage and some distinct disadvantage over the other).

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    • Then, should be a type of disadvantage to the mortal patrol, maybe I was already looking to climate/geography troubles, because with the new visual format we have clouds, and "phisically" could be the mountains, one of the principal drawback, like the tanks, when you are fighting in some high ground. Or at the same time the province temperature... cold (North; mountains), hot (Desert)...

      Other could be, split the air forces, like if you could choose the number inside the divisio, making an flight ace or something. But this is something that i published the last days. COMBAT EXPERIENCE. ANd the posiblities are insignificant...