fighting inactive dropout

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    • fighting inactive dropout

      i was thinking, what if bytro activly fight inactivity and drop outs? i mean, after X amount of drop out from a game your account is tied to not be able to open more then 3 games simultaneosly(which the only occasion that will be unfair if someone active have problems or face a losing battle or even opening one by mistake and drop out its lock from playing, but this also means that as soon as he finish his limit game everything goes back to normal without a problem).... or a pop up shows up reminding you about your game opens? ?(

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    • Well, maybe the question we should ask is why they dropout of every match. If it's for experience, maybe late game gained experience should become more valuable to get these players to willingly participate in the long run.
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    • I think mainly people enter a game and they check their neighbors. When they see one of them is skilled they drop out. When they see some players are getting powerful and they think they won't stand a chance they turn inactive. As soon as they are being attacked they drop out too. I think it's usually the players that haven't mastered the game mechanics that give up easily instead of continuing. They don't realize that with quiting the game prematurely that they will never learn how to play better. The best lessons that i've learned was by losing.
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    • Never say all hope is lost until you are out of all your provinces, units, resources, and voice. The most important tool, your voice (aka diplomacy), can help you get out of some of the most challenging situations. If you can properly coordinate with other players, then no enemy is too difficult.
      "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      "War does not determine who is right - only who is left."
    • General Nightman wrote:

      Losing hurts, but it is worth it.
      Learning how to combat that defeat is priceless in terms of strategy.
      i agree, but dropouts dont think so.... therefor we either punish them (lock the creation of games so cant ruin the games for the rest) or try to reward them to stay active or such..... i dont know if by day 15 you are still active and have gained X region or created X structure/soldiers you gain an extra 100 gold
      this was an example to make people at least try to last for as long as they can
    • Let's start by fighting dropouts in team games: after all, in simple games it doesn't really matter (you take him over and all is well). In a team game, the teammates are only hampered by the inactive players and they have practically no choice.

      But for the rest, the solutions I have read don't seem rational: I wouldn't want to penalize anybody for dropping out of a GAME, since he might have very serious issues in his work, life, etc., not to mention a number of other issues that could make uninteresting the continuation of the game for him. If you want to apply punishment, you first create more regulated environment: SMALLER maps with players committing to a MINIMUM activity, no achievement counting before a certain day of the game, and various other good ideas that are widespread in the forum.
    • im not saying a game as in single(that would be crazy :D ) but lets use 5 as an example.... if in a three week period you get inactive on 5 games you get the lock. this allows for leeway of real life problem/goldabuser not willing to fight/immediate blitz by 3 neighbor etc etc and if in 3 weeks you dont drop out from any game the lock is gone...... the way to cheese this is go in the game, dont move dont do anything and i will stay active(i know of a player in the italian server that enters in all matches, i mean all of them he has 418 played games and do nothing, no army, no economy, no conquering and then finish the game or go inactive when being conquered ?( ) but will still solve at least 60% of the inactive dropouts.

      i agree with your idea to solve first the event team maps.... singles as you said you can just conquer them easily, maybe it will hurt you a bit casue your army is fully far from that borther but then again its more land but team it really screw the game
    • In open games I find that 35 to 50% drop out by day 6 another 25% by day 14.
      I have seen too many games determined by who drops out next to whom.

      Restricting entry to new players is an idea,
      however another idea might be to make games that only last 7 days for new players so they can get a feel for the game. Then have a few games that go 14 days and so on. This will not stop the drop out, but it will limit the damage and players may be more inclined to stick it out for 7 days than just drop.
    • Here's a question. Will the 7 day games be played at 4x speed? Or will they go at the normal pace and just end after the end of the 7th day? Or maybe you just speed up the unit movements but nothing else.

      My preference is the normal pace and the rankings at the end of day 7 determines the victors, no 4x speed or increased troop movement. I know, it might not be possible to finish the game, but it might prepare you for the early stages of a real game. Since there's no hope for a coalition win, the rewards are still 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and this time, no more after that. 1st could get 100 gold, 2nd gets 60 gold, and 3rd gets 25 gold.
      "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      "War does not determine who is right - only who is left."