Naval Bombers

    • Single planes aren't of much help against enemies. They are best stacked.
      But, I did a few calculations, the naval bomber SHOULD win, but it will take heavy damage.

      Naval bombers are amazing against navies, mainly transports though. Ships have fairly heavy AA fire.
      Still, stacked naval bombers are deadly.
      "War is fought in three ways. Helping your enemy to lose, helping your allies to victory or helping yourself to win. Any way you take it, you are always helping someone."
    • Naval bombers are amazing, they can locate submarines and take them out easily. Unescorted embarked troops get killed like flies when a naval bomber starts attacking. Most ships are strong against planes, read their specifics. Simply don't attack ships with naval bombers unless you have no other choise. When an invasion army is landing it is worth to attack the dissembarking troops and risk the casulties by the ships. Those troops would hurt more on land so sacrificing a few naval bombers is worth it. You best use them in a stack of 5 to be most effective but only two of them already work fine against a single sub or 20 embarked troops. Naval bombers are weak in defense against other planes so you might want to escort them with interceptors. The interceptors will also absorb the damage done to the bombers because the damage will be split on 10 planes instead of 5. Also naval bombers are pretty cheap compared to cruisers, battleships and carriers so if you lose more planes it's still worth it.
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