Condiitions to victory and rewards

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    • Condiitions to victory and rewards

      If coalition victory is achieved, does other players get rewards depending of place they took on the map or just number of VP they hold at that moment?
      Also I feel coalition victory is easy to achieve, most maps end when larges countries decide not to go on each other, they leave their coalitions and make one with enough points for victory.
      Coalitions are to big, I mean they have to many players, maybe should reduced to 3 on 100 players map, or make something more demanding and binding like if you enter in coalition you can not leave it .
      "Then, when you run out of ammunition and the enemy continues to advance - to the bayonet, when they break your knife - to your hands, when they break both of your hands - to your teeth, when you get the last tooth knocked out, as long as you move, as long you are there - attack! When they mortally wound you, see to it that you fall in their way, so they have to go around you, jump over you or move you - bother them even in death!" speech of lieutenant Tasic before battle of Cer 1914.
    • When a coalition victory is achieved the other players get the reward based on their ranking of VP points. I think that the 3/4/5 coalitions based on the map size are a good number of players but is might get problematic indeed when a lot of players go inactive in the first 8 days and the biggest players have joined in one coalition. Still size is not the only thing but also skill. I'll chose skilled players for my coalition over players with a lot of VP every single time.
    • I have seen in the web cases for the big guns joining at the end, and it seems to me perfectly logical - especially in the big maps, when the alternative would be to drag play for many more weeks (with the result been even more inactive players from the smaller ones).

      You can see it the following way: when a victory is not easily visible with the current coalitions setup, it is beneficial for all to split and finish the game faster. That way all the currently active players get a reward, which is extremely doubtful if the game had continued.

      It is quite easy to imagine such "near stalemates" in all big maps (in Pacific map when there is one very strong coalition in Asia and another in US, in 100p when there are coalitions in Africa, America, and Europe/Asia, etc.). Then, a negotiation and a peaceful settlement is the easy way out.

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