Making Alliances more usable

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    • Making Alliances more usable

      The Alliance interface is not very user friendly and does not allow very much interaction. I would suggest each alliance has it's own general message board. This will allow the officers to pin helpful tips/playing instructions, players could post when they wanted to join a friendly game... where they were located... the alliance could interact together better than just having to message players. I think you would get more participation in games and would be easier to get people interested in staying if you could actually teach some of the new guys how to be competitive in games...
    • grandpooba52 wrote:

      Have you tried Allince chat?

      10 for moderating.

      He was making a suggestion on how we can improve the alliance , he wasn't asking how to get in touch with his members. A general message board in my opinion it would be a plus, you can set games,dates, you can set a lot of things that would lead to a better communication outside the alliance chat. It can be made that only officers and leader can post.
    • The alliance chat works fine, but the idea of an alliance "bulletin board" would be very much appreciated, in my opinion.

      My alliance has 20 members; if your not on quick, you won't see the messages.
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    • The alliance chat is fine for stuff in game and general notices... but it is hard to coordinate and also cannot pin helpful stuff... that all members can read at their leisure... I have found that I stuck around other games longer when there was more interaction within alliances... right now it is real hard to coordinate just getting in regular games... and it would be nice to help some of the newer guys with basic strategy... I read a bunch of the forums when I first started and luckily my first real game I had a guy who helped me... but too many players don't take the time to learn.. get wiped out in several games early and quit... I would just say if you improve the alliance experience, I would bet you would have more dedicated players...
    • BMfox wrote:

      Why not making a Skype or Discord chat for your alliance. One chat café with random stuff and an official must read chat. Easy peasy.

      But yes it makes totally sense that alliance communication should be provided in game.
      why base the game on some external third party? not implementing a service and hope someone will do it for you isnt exactly a suitable busines plan
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    • Maybe not I agree, but it's not in place at the moment if it will ever be. In the meantime create something yourself. For example with my alliance we have a Skype chat and then for the players who want to join a game together we make a private chat to organize how to enter the game together.
    • Yeah I have had alliances in other games where we all had to join skype... or some other third party deal... it is just more of a pain to deal with... a simple message board.. I would say more than half of the games that I have played in the last decade.. has something if they envision people teaming.... certainly the developers will have to decide where they want to put there efforts... I was just suggesting the alliances really have potential to suck people deeper into the game as it is more fun to play with others that you know... as well as I would say you are more likely to spend money if you are in an active alliance...
    • Given the amount of time that the developers have to spend, My preference as a player is to use a third party chat program, of which there are dozens that are free and easily available, rather than have the devs spend time creating such for this game. Why re-invent the wheel? I prefer existing bugs to be fixed and game features to be developed with the time available.
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    • I get the third party system, and it seems a lot are fans of it. But I'm an old timer so to speak :), I don't have the time to enter on Discord/Skype or other and talk there due to job and family time. As someone who has an idea on what is behind programing is not that hard to make another column on alliance tabs for bulletin news. Is not about re-inventing a a stone wheel, is more about bringing that wheel to 2019.

      On the other hand I was on another game online team when I was younger and I know that you guys use it a lot to keep in touch and to discuss different topics about the game, but from a player point of view I would prefer to have it in game.