Guide to Armor Defense

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    • Guide to Armor Defense

      Tanks roll down upon you. SP Artillery is bombarding your city faster than you even thought possible. Medium and Heavy Tanks crash through your carefully constructed fortications. The situation looks desperate.

      But there is a way to prevent this calamity, the units of armor defense.

      1. Anti-tanks- A cheap, quick unit to produce; this unit will usually stop all armor produced with level 1 infrastructure. Light tanks, SP artillery, etc.
      2. Tank Destroyer- A more expensive unit, but it has power to match. This unit is meant to stop medium and heavy tanks, and rips apart the lower armor classes.
      Build Costs and Requirements

      Anti-tank7507501000-2000Lvl 1-
      Tank Destroyer1250250065010002500Lvl 1Lvl 2

      Defense Against Armor

      Defending against armor is a tricky bushiness. Most people are on the lookout for anti-tanks and tank destroyers, and they don't fall into traps easily. Here are a few tips.
      • Defend with infantry- Have the enemy tanks attack your infantry or other units, and then bring your anti-armor units. They will take up on the armor defense, while you opponent is stuck.
      • Terrain- terrain is very important against armor, try to defend in cities with anti-tanks, and plains with tank destroyers.
      • Stacks- Armor is very efficient against infantry, but it is best in stacks. Same goes for defense: have more than one of your defense units.
      • Other units- While not focused on this guide, artillery and tactical bombers are excellent against armor.

      Anti-tanks are cheap units used mainly early game against small armor. Many people try to use these against all armor, but this is not their intended purpose.

      Tank Destroyers are used against medium and heavy tanks for one specific reason. Health power. Anti-tanks and tank destroyers have the same defense power, but the Tank Destroyer can take more damage. Anti-tanks can sometimes be one-shotted by medium or heavy tanks.

      I hope this guide helps, if you have questions or comments I will be happy to answer them below,
      -General Nightman, Intelligence Division
      -Glen434, Consultant
      General Nightman
      EN Support Team | Bytro Labs Gmbh

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    • I think you have to think of one more thing: cost efficiency. Sure, the TD is more powerful than the AT, but at desperate points, you have no other choice than ATs. TDs are for people who are prepared for an assault/assaulting people, while AT are just a last resort to delay the offensive of the opponent (their cheapness and speed to produce). Also, because ATs are cheap, they can be used as cannon fodder or to wreak havoc with a large number and spreaded out.
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