krabby patty secret formula

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    • krabby patty secret formula

      This idea came to my mind when I was in call of wars global chat. As soon as it came to my mind I started typing to see what others might think, and I had overall good feedback and asked for help to suggest a game mode. And I was directed here.The game will start with three teams the nuclear scientist/Mrs.krabbs, axis/team Chum, and allies/team Krusty Krabbs. and the both fight for the Krabby patty secret formula.
      It will be like the nations that fought in world war two in a to make the first nuclear weapon and they need the scientist, but they scientist are in different nations that will be played by players and no more than 2 scientist will be found together. the amount of players should be 33 in 100 player map.
      1. Scientist victory. The scientist will win once they have successfully repelled all attempts to be invaded.
      2. chum, and krusty krabbs victory. the axis/allies powers will have to invade all scientist core provinces, and the opposing team.
      This suggestion maybe short but it would be fun to add this as a new game mode for call of war and could be an event like endgame it would be fun to see something fun and funny to play. For those who like the cartoon spongebob squarepants and are fascinated with the events of the 1940's. This is the end and I hope it gets added to the game.
    • Sounds like Endgame, and or Dawn of the Patriot with a twist.
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    • Sounds like a cold war map to me. Shouldn' the coalition that produces the first nuclear rocket win? I mean it's a nuclear arms race that you described in the first place?

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